10 Things That, When Eaten Raw, Are Gross or Even Dangerous

There may be more you should cook before eating. Here are 10 uncooked meals that are harmful or nasty.

1. Potatoes From mashed to french fries, potatoes provide many gastronomic delights.

Thus, raw potato is rarely eaten instead of a delicious cooked one.

lima beans Lima beans are hard to get people to consume cooked, but they shouldn't be eaten raw.

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Limas contain linamarin, which turns into cyanide when eaten. Lima beans must be cooked to be safe.

3. Eggs We know mayonnaise, egg nog, hollandaise, and other dishes contain raw eggs. 

Bodybuilders also use raw eggs into protein drinks. It's neither advised or desirable to crack an egg into your mouth and eat it yolk and all. 

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