13 Appetizing Ways to Consume That Easter Ham

To help you make the most of that leftover ham, this article is filled with simple and delicious recipes.

Simple Quesadilla for Breakfast Make the most of your Easter ham by starting your day with a breakfast quesadilla. 

An obvious choice for a protein-rich and waste-reducing breakfast, what with all the cheese, eggs, and ham.

Hula Chicken on the Grill Stuff some grilled Hawaiian chicken with your leftover Easter ham for a delicious twist.

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 An inventive idea to shake things up is to wrap it in ham, pineapple, and smoked cheese, then drizzle it with teriyaki sauce.

Delish Ham Salad Combine the ham from Easter with a new salad of chopped vegetables. 

Individual Breakfast Pies with Ham and Cheese If you have any leftover Easter ham, try making these little breakfast pies. 

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