15 Compliments You Never Knew Were Insulting

The praise may not be as cheery as it sounds. These “compliments,” albeit well-intentioned, are not.

“You're brave to wear that.” When you wore that bright pattern dress to your cousin's wedding, people said, "Wow, you're brave."

" Never could!” Translation? Good on you for trying, even though Aunt Karen doesn't believe it's acceptable.

This backhanded compliment implies your look is dangerous. It implies that conformity is expected and that breaking outside requires guts to avoid censure or humiliation.

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“I love how you don’t care about your appearance.” You arrive at a gathering feeling confident in your appearance and receive this left-handed praise. 

It implies you should make an effort with your look, and your lack of it is notable.

“You're confident for your size.” Imagine walking into a room feeling like a million bucks and being told, “Wow, you're so confident for someone your size!” Pause. 

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