15 Must-Try Chicken Leg Recipes

Its fat and connective tissue make it less likely to dry out when grilled, roasted, braised, or pan-fried than thin chicken breast.

1. Confit Chicken Legs This oil-poached chicken recipe employs whole leg pieces, one of the cheapest

To flavor and draw out extra moisture, the raw legs must be marinated in salt, sugar, and spices for at least a day before serving this confit chicken.

2. Blackened Cajun Chicken This recipe recreates grilled chicken flavors in the oven. 

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Roasting chicken at high temperatures with a powerful mixture of Cajun-inspired seasonings darkens it, hence the term blackened chicken.

3. Thai- Coconut and Lime Chicken Thighs Inspired aromatics and three types of coconut make this creamy

Searing boneless, skinless chicken thighs and shallot, ginger, and garlic in the same pan adds flavor and simplifies cleaning

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