fifty recipes for southern side dishes

Delicious Corn Spoon Bread Using the ease of a slow cooker, try this simple twist on a traditional southern dish. 

Perfect as a side dish at that upcoming summer get-together or special occasion dinner. —The Taste of Home Cooking Project

Black-Eyed Peas from the South In my experience, the key ingredient for well cooked black-eyed peas is pork.

This wonderful side dish is made with a double dose of flavorful ham and cooked slowly and gently.

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Golden Snacks from Mom's Kitchen If you're looking for a delicious way to use butter or to soak up gravy, try these light and airy buttermilk biscuits.

 These delectable treats were taken out of the oven by Mom, and I can still picture it. From Laramie, Wyoming, Vera Reid.

Traditional Vegetables Vegetables Using this recipe, Mom would make the most delicious home-grown green beans. 

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