15 Oven-Baked Dinners We Can't Stop Making

Because they're so amazing, we keep coming back to these casseroles and one-pan miracles. You'll keep them in your rotation after trying them.

Turkey Chili Pie Who says pie is dessert-only? This turkey chili pie with cornbread topping surprises your oven-baked dinner plans.

The one-skillet marvel is easy to create and clean up. This warm, lean, and flavorful supper is excellent for any night of the week. 

Pecan-crusted Chicken Pecan-crusted chicken with honey dijon yogurt sauce will spice up your chicken dinner routine.

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Crusty and savory, it'll spice up your oven-baked dinners. It's a versatile, weeknight-friendly recipe that impresses guests. 

Baked Cheddar Chicken You've been craving a hearty dinner like this cheddar chicken quinoa bake.

Toasted pecans: These little nuts give the cookies a wonderful crunch and a nutty flavor.  

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