15 Things About Eggs That You Need to Know

 Eggs are more than just food—they symbolize fresh life and renewal in many cultures and are essential to many gourmet dishes. 

Spring and rebirth are associated with eggs. Eggs symbolize fertility, renewal, and life in many cultures and religions

Decorated ostrich eggs from Africa are approximately 60,000 years old. Easter, when eggs are adorned, concealed, and gifted, highlights this symbolism.

About 17,000 small pores allow air and moisture to enter through an eggshell.

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Because of their porosity, eggs can absorb aromas and scents from other foods in the fridge, therefore they're generally stored in cartons.

These discoveries reveal eggs' diverse influence in our lives, from our plates to our history, civilizations, and industries.

From their amazing color range to their vital role in baking and vaccine production, eggs are a fascinating subject.

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