20 grilling tips to keep chicken juicy

Since grilling is dry, this is expected. You don't have to eat bad poultry. Instead, use these 20 grilling strategies to keep chicken moist.

Do not keep your barbecue on low to avoid dried-out meat. Maintain medium to high heat, or 300 degrees Fahrenheit, on your grill.

It's too low if you can count three seconds with your hand four inches above the grill. Too high if you can only touch it for a second.

When heating your grill, scrape the grate with a firm wire brush. Cleaning should be obvious, but it's extremely important when cooking meals precisely. 

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After cleaning your grill, add oil to dirty it again. Form a paper towel ball, dip it in vegetable or olive oil, then grab it with tongs. 

Brush the oil-soaked ball on the grate bars. This will prevent stickage (a word) and give you great grill markings without burning your meat.

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