22 Cheap Desserts That Taste Expensive

What a few simple ingredients and a decent recipe can do will amaze you! Try any of these 22 exquisite desserts and you'll feel like a pastry chef after one.

Cream Cheese Frosted Brownies Chocolate lovers will appreciate these luscious, rich brownies with cream cheese frosting made with dark chocolate and cocoa powder. 

The perfect cream cheese topping makes this one of the best whipped cream cheese desserts. These cream cheese brownies are rich but not too sugary.

Cheese Tarts Hokkaido One of the most popular Japanese desserts in the US is Hokkaido cheese tarts. 

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Philadelphia cream cheese and parmesan cheese make the filling creamy and flavorful. 

Baklava Cheesecake Baklava cheesecake is a wonderful twist on the usual squares or triangles.

At the bottom of this dish, layers of toasted walnuts and filo dough alternate, each lavishly coated with the honey syrup that gives baklava its distinctive shine and flavor. 

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