3 Zodiac Signs May End a Relationship March 24, 2024

We may want this terribly, but now that it's here, it frightens us because it's'so real' and we're not sure of ourselves.

1. Libra Oh my. Your new love rings all the bells, including the one that symbolizes your worry over commitment.

The 'wow' is that you love them intensely and want to be with them forever.

2. Capricorn Capricorn, you've always craved a committed relationship, which is funny. 

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 It's not that you want to leave your partner, but commitment terrifies you. You're not sure if you're ready.

3. Aquarius In the years since you sold yourself a tale, Aquarius, you've grown to feel that romantic commitment isn't necessary to be happy.

The transit of Moon trine Pluto on March 24 blows your mind and has you 'thinking' committing.

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