7 Easy Ways to Eat More Protein

Here are some ways to sneak in additional protein, whether you're trying to lose weight or keep healthy.

1. Ritualize protein. Because it applies to almost any habit you wish to develop, retain, or quit, "consistency is key" has become universal counsel. 

Ritualizing helps with consistency, which leads to habits. To increase your daily steps, say, "I'll walk for 10 minutes after breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day." 

2. Eat protein first. Try eating most of your protein-rich meal before moving on to other foods, especially grains, which fill you up quickly.

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3. Sprinkle chopped nuts on food. Adding nuts to your meals throughout the day can enhance your protein intake, but they're not the best source. 

Combine chopped walnuts (4.3 grams of protein per serving) with salads, peanuts (6.7 grams) or almonds (six grams) with porridge, and cashews (5.2 grams) with stir-fries. 

4. Choose lean meats Less fat per portion equals more lean meat and protein per portion. This is a simple approach to increase your protein consumption if you eat animal protein regularly. 

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