7 indicators of a bad buddy, regardless of past

If you always feel bad around a buddy, they may be a bad one. Even if you've known a friend forever, a psychologist listed indicators of mistreatment.

1. They take far more than provide. Kirmayer claimed a "sense of balance or equality." is crucial to friendships.

 A buddy may talk more, but they should still ask questions and care about you.

2. They critique with "brutal honesty" That borders on continual criticism. 

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Having a buddy criticize your speech, mannerisms, or interests is different than worrying about your relationship with an aggressive ex.

3. Poor feedback response Kirmayer added that taking criticism is crucial to a good friendship.

4. Rarely initiate communication. Regarding reciprocity, Kirmayer said intimate friends must feel equal in making time and prioritizing each other. 

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