34 Grandmother's Favorite Vintage Strawberry Desserts

Dessert Pie With Strawberries Every year just before Labor Day, I throw a pie-making party.  

At the conclusion of our annual pig roast, which we have on our farm, the pies always steal the show. —Iowa resident Beth Howard of Donnellson  

Fruitcake Recipe from Grandma Emily The recipe for his mamaw's strawberry cake was a hit with my hubby.  

Nobody, in his opinion, could ever replicate it. I prepared it, and it tastes exactly like he remembered.  

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Orange and Strawberry Rhubarb Cake This strawberry rhubarb cake is an alternative to pies made with rhubarb and strawberries.   

This is a wonderful method of introducing rhubarb to those who have never had it before.   

Strawberry Cushions Mini pies filled with strawberry preserves are the perfect way to jazz up cookie trays.   

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