A list of the most costly dog breeds in the world 

Keep in mind that the lifelong expenses of feeding, grooming, and medical treatment can drive up the price of even the most costly breeds. 

Some very rare dogs have fetched exorbitant prices in the last five years—one Mastiff went for $1.5 million 

but when we consider the initial investment required to bring a puppy into the world and the possible ongoing costs of care, there are a few breeds that come out on top as the most expensive. 

These canines prey on lions!  

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Keep that in mind when you consider the $1800 to $2500 pricing range for these stunning canines with chestnut coats. 

Fortunately, maintaining their distinctive hairstyle is a breeze and something you can manage on your own at home. 

The wonderful disposition and low-shedding coat of this hybrid breed make it a popular choice.  

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