A nugget pie is one of the new pizza options at Chick-fil-A. 

The fast food restaurant declared that one of its US sites will be offering pizzas, including nugget-topped pies, to its menu. 

College Park, Maryland is home to Chick-fil-A's Little Blue Door test kitchen, where the new idea will be introduced.  

Some of the pizzas that are available include the Buff-lo-Ranch and Chick-fil-A varieties. 

A crust topped with lemon pepper spice, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, and sliced nuggets make up the Buff-lo-Ranch Pizza Pie. 

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Pizza classics like pepperoni and cheese, as well as a Meats-n-Veg option, are now available. 

Pepperoni Pizza 'Round, a "twist on the classic calzone" designed to be transported, is the last new item. 

The flavors are already familiar to your taste buds, so you'll fall in love at first bite. 

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