A Zodiac-Based Approach to Love 

One who identifies with the Agape style is one who loves their spouse no matter what and who is prepared to put their needs before their own. 

An altruistic lover, you are. As long as you are reciprocated with kindness and gratitude, you will continue to be kind and compassionate.  

This sort of love is associated with the Cancerian nurturing spirit and the Libran people-pleaser. 

One common experience when starting a relationship is the "honeymoon" stage, characterized by great feelings of love and utter narcissism.  

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You might be the Eros type if you're a Pisces or an Aries and you're naturally very emotional and eager for the relationship to progress (whether that's emotionally or physically). 

They aren't the sort to settle down, according to individuals that match this style, including Sagittarius and Aquarius.  

Rather than committing and being vulnerable, they prioritize physical attractiveness and superficial connection.  

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