Add Bourbon to Orange Kool-Aid for a nostalgic taste.

Bourbon is excellent and flexible, working nicely in spiked hot chocolate and Boulevardier cocktails. 

 Its beautiful golden color, smooth texture, and more approachable flavor make it easy to explore with than other basic liquors.

One could argue that there are few boundaries when it comes to pairing bourbon, and we're breaking them today by suggesting orange Kool-Aid.

Bourbon with orange Kool-Aid may seem odd, but it's a common bar and restaurant pairing.

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Famous bourbon beverages like the old fashioned and whiskey sour use orange or other citrus. 

One of the most prevalent bourbon flavors is fruity, sweet, and somewhat acidic. 

As a result, orange Kool-Aid pairs well with the spirit, especially since its sugariness tame the alcohol's bitterness like simple syrup.

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