Affectionate Dog Breeds

Bulldogs are affectionate pals that love to give and receive. People think they're too needy since they love cuddling and get connected to their primary caretaker.

However, it's their way of demonstrating love, and they become gentler with age.

Chihuahuas are great first-time pets and will show you how much a dog offers delight.

They'll lick you long while you carry, stroke, and embrace them. Their clinginess causes separation anxiety when you're away. 

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Their affinity for strangers and larger dogs is different for these tiny cuties.Newfoundlands love everyone—you, strangers, other dogs, and even other house pets—unlike chihuahuas. 

They're huge, easygoing, and loving with children and families, earning the moniker "nanny dog".

The world's largest and sweetest dogs are great Danes. Wagging their tails shows they adore you, and they like cuddling.

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