All-Zodiac One-Card Tarot Reading

Can you feel the energy shift? As it builds for the Full Moon climax in thoughtful and realistic Virgo, the Moon may reveal aspects of life that require improvement.

Here is the Sunday one-card tarot reading for each zodiac sign to help you understand your day.

Start anew with a blank slate. Stop worrying if you could have done things better in the past. 

 After overcoming negative attitudes about failure, you can boldly pursue your goals. You win living this way.Let go. 

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Yesterday contains the past. Try as you might, it stays the same in your thoughts. Better choices are optimal for building your ideal life. 

Embrace the present to brighten tomorrow's past. This will help you live in the moment as intended.Think things through.

Some of your alternatives may feel right, but you have plenty. Time to be inventive. Try out some ideas.

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