Among the Most Submissive Canine Varieties 

Dogs that are easy to train and obedient make great pets for those with busy schedules, whether they're at home with their families or at the office.  

Though every dog is special in its own way, certain varieties are more obedient and ready to please than others. 

The amiability, intelligence, and submissiveness of Golden Retrievers are well-known traits. 

They do very well in hunting, agility events, and obedience contests since they are very trainable.  

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Thanks to their devoted and kind demeanor, golden retrievers are great companions and therapy dogs. 

Poodles are toy, tiny, or regular sized dogs that are exceptionally smart and easy to train.  

They are commonly utilized in tracking, agility, and obedience events, and they are highly skilled in obedience training.  

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