best fruits to eat today

Eating hotdogs with ice cream is fun. But we should also eat healthier foods like fresh fruits. No fruit can give all the daily nourishment. 

Compared to fruit, vegetables are more nutritious and lower in sugar. Certain nutrients, like vitamin C, are more abundant in the latter.

We examined the nutrient content of several popular fruits worldwide using the USDA's FoodData Central to bring you our list of the healthiest fruits for this season and beyond. 

 After buying these fruits, you can make creamy milkshakes or morning smoothies.Superfood guava.

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It possesses a lot of lycopene, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin C, folate, beta-carotene, and trace B vitamins, which is remarkable for a fruit. 

Guava is high in fiber and somewhat low in sugar, making it a terrific everyday fruit! After 20 years of research, lycopene is currently one of the most potent carotenoids for antioxidants.

To answer the old question, tomatoes are fruits! Quite nutritious. Lycopene is abundant in tomatoes. Its crimson hue comes from here. 

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