Care for an aging dog  

Dogs need special attention as they age to stay healthy. But how do you tell whether your dog is old? Larger dogs age faster than smaller ones. 

Graying hair, vision loss, and appetite changes indicate a dog's aging. “On average, large breeds live 11 to 13 years, while small breeds can live 13 to 16 years.

Madrid's veterinary association spokesperson Manuel Lázaro.Better nutrition and health care extend dog life.

Their senior period begins in middle age and is impacted by many things. Silvia Miguélez, a Madrid pet veterinarian, said “the dog’s size, breed, gender and physical condition — like if they’re overweight or obese,” are key factors.

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Canine geriatric syndrome describes older dogs at risk of age-related diseases. It makes a dog sicker because its muscles atrophy, it can't fight infections, and its heart, kidneys, and liver may operate less.

Old age makes a dog fatigued and affects its coat, explained Lázaro. “It loses shine and elasticity, and you may notice gray hair around its eyes and nose.

Loss of sight, hearing, and smell may modify their food preferences. They may also develop cognitive dysfunction syndrome like Alzheimer's.

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