Common Dog Myths Debunked

Although dogs age more quickly than people, it's not always true that a dog's year lasts seven years," explains Karen Reese, animal behavior manager at Operation Kindness.

A six-month-old dog's maturity and development are comparable to those of a teenage human as dogs age more quickly than humans do. 

At 12 months old, the dog is comparable to a 20-year-old human." "They appear to age a little slower after about two years old.

Additionally, due to their average lifespan, larger dogs can appear to age more quickly than smaller dogs.

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According to Reese, a dog that lives seven years will age significantly faster than one that lives 12 to 15 years.

According to Ochoa, this is because grass makes them throw up, but there are other reasons why other dogs eat grass that causes them to choke. 

Dogs frequently just want to eat anything, according to The Puppy Academy's specialists.

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