Common Food Mistakes That Can Induce Illness

No matter how long you marinate food for, never leave it out in the open or on a surface that isn't in the fridge.

Unsanitized sponges Sanitize your kitchen sponges often because bacteria love warm, moist locations. 

Soak the sponges for 1 minute in a quart of warm water with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of powerful bleach. 

Not verifying before buying Choose your produce carefully when purchasing. Items without bruises or damage will last longer and not mold. 

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Not washing produce well Before cutting, cooking, or eating, scrub potatoes and wash produce to eliminate dirt

grime, and pathogens. Instead of soap or detergent, use flowing water. Even when peeling produce, this is crucial.

No separate cutting boards for raw meat and fresh veggies Reserve a cutting board for raw meat, pig, chicken, or fish. 

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