Commonly Held False Beliefs About Dogs

It's about time we sort reality from fiction and dispel some widespread dog myths. 

Colorblindness Does Not Affect Canines To begin with, it is not easy to deduce the origin of this tale because no one can see as clearly as a dog. 

Dogs Can See Different Colors—Disputed "Dogs just don't see as vivid colors as we do," says Sara Ochoa, DVM,

a veterinarian and consultant for "Yellow and blue are the primary colors that dogs perceive." 

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The reason behind this is that two out of the three types of light receptors needed to perceive color are present in the retina of canines. 

For Illnesses, Dogs Consume Grass It is true that some dogs experience nausea and vomiting after eating grass.

Ochoa claims this is due to the fact that grass makes them sick to their stomachs, yet there are many more reasons why dogs nibble on grass. 

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