Zodiac Signs That Complement Each Other Perfectly (Yet Are Harmful When Joined) 

The rigorous and meticulous Virgo can get irritated by your carefree and playful spontaneity, Sagittarius. 

Scorpio and Gemini are like fire and ice: at first glance, they appear to be a perfect match, and they can even balance each other out. 

However, once the sparks fly, the two signs will strive to bring each other down since they both crave control and power. 

The Gemini is intrigued by your stern and enigmatic demeanor, Scorpio.  

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Cancer, you have a soft spot for people and a lot of empathy, but those who struggle to manage their feelings may find you to be an emotional vampire. 

Now we have Aquarius, who is known to be emotionally distant and distant from other people, and who avoids situations where they may seem vulnerable.  

Neither of you can thrive in the long run under the current conditions of your relationship. 

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