Cutest Dog Breeds as Puppies

You've arrived if you want a dog or just like browsing puppy photos. You'll appreciate these puppy photographs whether you want a little, huge, or friendly dog.

Read on for maximum sweetness.The Labrador retriever has led the American Kennel Club's (AKC) most popular dog breeds list for five years because it's amiable and easygoing and makes a great family dog.

One of the cutest dog breeds, these puppies develop fast and become adults in six months. They need an active lifestyle to be happy and healthy. 

Only question is which lab puppy is cutest—black, yellow, or chocolate? Dog owners should memorize these etiquette guidelines.

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One of the most popular dog breeds, the German Shepherd is smart, energetic, and devoted.

Despite their terrifying image, most owners find them loyal, docile, obedient, and beloved family pets. 

German Shepherds are trained for military, search and rescue, and police work due to their intelligence. After WWI, returning soldiers praised this breed, boosting its popularity in the US. 

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