Dog Breeds Less Likely to Bite

Behind those fierce looks (and name!) is a big heart, especially when it comes to kids, says DiNardo. And that's not all: These pups are smart, trainable, and loyal, she adds. 

Those easygoing ways are the result of more than 100 years of breeding that turned the English bulldog from a fighter to a super-sweet companion 

There's a reason why these friendly pups are the most popular in the United States. "They were bred to be cooperative when hunting and bringing ducks back to their owners 

When studying canine aggression, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania polled owners to find the least (and most) aggressive breeds toward humans and dogs 

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels thrive when they're part of a family," says DiNardo. These toy spaniels are also known for their cheerful nature and gentle disposition 

The Darlings (of Peter Pan fame) were onto something when they picked Nana as their children's nanny. Newfies are famous for their devoted nature and their affinity for kids 

Goldens were bred to be obedient and less reactive hunting companions, says Dr. Houpt. This tends to make them less likely to snap, particularly at kids. 

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