Dog Breeds to Scare You

Dear dog lovers and security enthusiasts, grab your leashes and enjoy the top 20 dog breeds that appear like they've come right out of your nightmares  

The mailman may reevaluate his life choices with these gentle giants' gaze.  

Tall, black, beautiful, and security-conscious. Dogs like James Bond are suave but won't hesitate to help their owners.   

Only loyalty matches their overwhelming presence. Imagine a boogeyman-fighting bodyguard as the Bullmastiff.   

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The Belgian Malinois emerged from agility and strength. Despite their sleek appearance, these pups are spring-loaded brave.  

Wikipedia states that the Rhodesian Ridgeback, a huge Southern African dog breed, descended from the Khoikhoi's ridged hunting and guard dogs.   

Unless you want your dog to think squirrels are their ancestors' prey, early training is crucial.  

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