Dogs That Are Sure to Protect Their Families and Homes 

We know who the real dog protectors are, so there's no need to keep looking.  

Let me get this one thing straight - there are other types of dog that know how to defend their pack than snarling Dobermans or hefty Rottweilers. 

Here you will find information about a range of breeds that are willing to go to great lengths to defend their people, from intelligent watchdogs to powerful athletes. 

Therefore, we can provide you with a dog that is both loud and quiet, perfect for a family or a group of friends.  

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Here is the definitive guide to the breeds of dogs that are known to be the most devoted and protective companions. 

Mals, or Belgian Malinois, are a bit like German Shepherds in appearance but have their own distinct personality. 

The United States Secret Service even uses these extraordinary canines to patrol the White House grounds. 

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