Dogs That Thrive in Fast-Paced Environments 

If you're the type of person who's never sitting still, this is our recommended breed list. 

Despite their reputation as fast and agile members of the Greyhound family, Italian Greyhounds require very little in the way of care and attention as pets. 

Sleek and comfortable, these dogs are ideal for people who lead hectic lives because they can spend hours just relaxing. 

Their daily walk or sprint is all they need, and they don't even mind minimum grooming. 

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French bulldogs have a reputation for being calm and having ears that resemble bats.  

They are perfect for city folks with hectic schedules since they do well in apartment living and don't need much exercise outside. 

Dachshunds, characterized by their long, lean body and short, stocky legs, are free-spirited canines.  

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