Dogs Without Barking

Dogs: We adore them, yet their barking may bother us. A quiet dog may be perfect for you if you need one that won't bark at anything or won't wake up the neighbors in an apartment. 

Reader's Digest asked three dog training and behavior experts to recommend quiet dog breeds that won't bark at the mailman. 

There is a crucial caveat. Everyone barks sometimes, and even calm pets may bark more than expected.

Some breeds tend to bark more than others," says Barron's Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds author Caroline Coile, PhD.

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Herding dogs bark to move sheep or cattle, and trailing dogs like beagles bark to help hunters locate them.

These peaceful dog breeds bark less if you work at it.The basenji is a tiny to medium-sized dog breed known as the "barkless dog.

 They probably won't yodel from your sofa's heights. Stanley claims this quiet dog breed is smart and lively and needs constructive training and exercise to be a joyful companion.

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