Easter dog poisonings increased 200%: How to protect dogs and other pets

Veterinarians worldwide are asking pet owners to keep certain objects away from their pets this Easter weekend to avoid deadly repercussions.

Humans anticipate flowers, candy, dinners, and hidden eggs. If your dog or cat gets into them, they may ruin the day quickly.

Chocolate-poisoned dog contacts to the Pet Poison Helpline spiked by over 200% during Easter week.

This shows the prevalence of pet hazardous incidents, but many other Easter foods and activities could harm pets.

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Candy (Xylitol) Most pet owners know chocolate is toxic for cats and dogs.

The Pet Poison Helpline receives more calls about chocolate ingestion around Easter, therefore Easter baskets and sugar bunnies must be kept away from pets.

Lilies Lilies, one of the most harmful pet plants, are common.

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