Easy Dinner Recipes That Make You Feel Like You're Cheating 

Famous for its harmonious combination of sweet, salty, and acidic flavors, Chicken Marbella takes only approximately one hour to prepare and is packed with flavor. 

Prunes, olives, capers, and white wine marinade the chicken thighs, giving them a distinctive and flavorful profile.  

Thanks to its deliciously complementary flavor profile, this dish is sure to be a hit.  

The simplicity of roasted chicken is enhanced with a variety of seasonal veggies in this one-pan dish that is done in about an hour.  

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Roasted to perfection with herbs, the key ingredients are potatoes, carrots, and chicken breasts.  

Tender chicken and vegetables with a subtle herbaceous flavor come together in this recipe for a cozy, home-cooked feel. 

For a healthy, all-inclusive dinner that won't need any effort, it's the perfect option. 

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