Eclipse Season Affects Zodiac Signs

You've probably heard that eclipse season is upsetting the metacosm. This doesn't mean fated karmic occurrences affect everyone equally.   

Eclipses focus on individual zodiac signs, progressively unveiling the bigger themes and teachings that will help their soul evolve.   

Two eclipses this season will focus on relationships, romance, codependency, independence, and love liberation.  

Eclipses are life turning points. Will your zodiac sign learn something during eclipse season?   

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We asked professional astrologer Evan Nathaniel Grim which zodiac signs will be most affected by the Aries-Libra eclipses.  

Eclipses usually occur in pairs, and eclipse season is between the first and second eclipses.   

Eclipse season's tumultuous fated happenings overpower the moon's force. From March 25 to April 8, 2024, the first eclipse season begins with the Libra lunar eclipse and ends with the Aries complete solar eclipse.  

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