Energetic Dog Breeds for Active Families  

Blue Heelers, or Australian Cattle Dogs, were bred generations ago from desert Dingoes. So, yes. Their energy is great. They also tolerate heat well. The American Kennel Club advises ACD owners to maintain these versatile dogs intellectually and physically

As herders, Australian Shepherds may run nonstop for an entire play session. Aussies, unlike Cattle Dogs, are California-bred. They love their families, learn quickly, and train effectively. Hiking in groups is nice, although Aussies can herd little children.

This working breed enjoys human company. Never leave your Belgian Malinois home after the crew leaves! Training these dogs in obedience—teaching and learning with him—is suggested. Tracking can also excite Belgian Malinois.

Border Collies live up to their reputation as family dogs. They are adorable family dogs, enjoy kids, and are a good size for many living conditions. Border Collies need more than daily walks. Always have a frisbee or ball to toss 

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Brittanys are French dogs. They make great hunting dogs and faithful pets. Brittanys will do everything for you, their favorite. They're up for weekend duck hunting or after-work jogging. Brittanys love water sports

People who own Chesapeake Bay Retrievers call them “Chessies” and say they'll never own another dog. Sporting dogs are sensitive and strong. After a long day, they know when to relax if they've exercised enough. 

Although shy with strangers, Dalmatians are loyal to loved ones. Their coats are the most notable feature, but get to know a Dalmatian and you'll find much more to appreciate. Coach dogs ran accompanied horse-drawn coaches and fire trucks in the 1800s.

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