Expectations for Your Puppy's First Year

Puppy love is universal—they're cute and amusing. You must examine numerous aspects before buying or rescuing one.   

Will the timing benefit you emotionally and financially? Do you have adequate indoor and outdoor dog play space?  

Does your daily schedule allow for dog monitoring and interaction?To help your puppy acclimate, stick to a schedule and give them lots of attention.   

Puppy care is also laborious. Do you have the patience to handle their energy, potty accidents, and mischief?   

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Here's all you need to know about parenting a puppy in its first year if you're ready to get a pet.  

Buy your dog from a reputable breeder after choosing it. Before adopting from a shelter, research the animal's history.  

The curious puppies will explore every inch of their new home. In a safe area, your pet should roam. You must puppy-proof your home like you would a toddler.  

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