Four Chain Restaurants Serving the Worst Chicken Pot Pie Ever 

Its aroma fills the air with a delicious anticipation while it bakes in the oven, and every mouthwatering bite seems to have every nutrient on the food pyramid.  

Shredded or cubed chicken breast, minced onions, carrots, and peas are the usual ingredients in chicken pot pie filling, which is then bound together with a thick gravy sauce. 

Coat the pie with dough and bake it until it turns golden. 

The issue is that chicken pot pie quality varies a lot from one restaurant to another.  

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Our ideal chicken pot pie would have a rich, savory filling that is just the perfect consistency, neither too thick nor too thin. 

The crust should be buttery and flaky with a hint of crunch, and the chicken should be juicy rather than chewy. 

In the same vein, the filling's veggies should be tender but not mushy after cooking. 

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