French bulldogs reign as the most popular breed.

French Bulldogs are the most popular dog breed in the US, according to American Kennel Club statistics issued Wednesday. 

The compact, sturdy, bat-eared breed has topped the charts for two years running.

The French Bulldog's surge in popularity shows no signs of slowing down," stated American Kennel Club general secretary Gina DiNardo.

Rescue dogs of any breed are my favorites, but French bulldogs are special. They are laid-back, affectionate, and one of the cutest dog breeds.

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They are also popular family dogs who can match a child's exuberance with their calm, friendly nature.

 French Bulldogs are terrific pet dogs and affectionate lap dogs, but breeding has caused many Frenchies to have breathing disorders that make jogging difficult. 

Frenchies replaced Labs and Golden Retrievers as top dogs recently. The AKC still ranks those breeds first and second.

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