Frosting Made with Strawberry Marshmallows 

"Strawberry is a bright, fun flavor that you don't see often for fudge," 

explains recipe developer Jessica Morone of her latest candy invention, although you have to admit that it looks nice in pink.  

Making Morone's strawberry marshmallow fudge is a breeze and doesn't require baking. 

Morone recommends heating the evaporated milk mixture to a temperature of 235 F (or slightly higher; 235–240 F is ideal) before proceeding with the method.  

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Once done, pour into the pan and turn off the heat. 

Enjoy your berry-flecked dessert after gently heating and stirring the fudge until all the ingredients combine. 

Once the strawberries have been freeze-dried, place them in the food processor and pulse until they are finely crushed. 

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