Your Birth Year's Most Popular Dessert

Perfect bread pudding with a soft middle and crisp borders starts with leftover dinner rolls. 

Kathryn Gartmann taught me the luscious brown sugar sauce recipe.

It makes this bread pudding the best ever with a generous drizzle. Mariana Petrella, Taste of Home Prep Cook

Classic pineapple upside-down cake never goes out of style! Pineapple works well, but try peaches or cranberries and orange. 

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The sweet-tart lemon glaze makes this fluffy cake delicious. Rebecca Baird, SLC, Utah

The 1943 Betty Crocker cookbook Your Share: How to Prepare Appetizing, Healthful Meals with Foods Available Today had the Lemon-Frosted Fruit Bars.

When sugar and butter were rationed during World War II, the recipe book was published. 

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