Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Hits  Zodiac Signs Hard

Eclipse season is causing turmoil. If you're feeling cosmic whiplash, you may be most affected by March 2024's Libra full moon lunar eclipse.   

Don't be terrified of an eclipse—don't let it scare you. Eclipses create a 28-day karmic window during which anything can happen.   

An eclipse can only occur when a full or new moon occurs in the North or South Node zodiac signs.   

South Node represents energetic baggage from the past, while North Node represents your future and destiny.  

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An eclipse in your zodiac sign could cause a sudden life change. You may be feeling the weight of change, but the universe knows what it's doing.  

Eclipse season can cause major life-changing impacts. Sometimes the transition is subtle and internal, but nonetheless sensed.   

the cardinal air sign of harmony, balance, and one-on-one relationships, could affect your relationships during this eclipse.   

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