Full Worm Moon Affects 4 Zodiac Signs Most

If you haven't felt Aries' brute intensity yet, let the next lunation ignite your inner warrior.

A lunar eclipse will occur during the full Worm Moon. March 25, 2024, at 3 A.M. ET (midnight PT), it dissolves into Libra, the kind sign. 

 Every zodiac sign will recharge socially, but the most impacted will be challenged to leave baggage behind.

Libra rules connections and balance, thus this full moon is about socializing and balancing your life.

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According to tarot reader, psychic, and healer Kate Van Horn, the March full moon in Libra will urge us to find balance in our relationships and inner self.

March 25 will make you think about your close relationships, especially establishing common ground.

If you're one of the four Worm Moon signs, you may have trouble staying calm.Aries, your relationship sector is rocky, so expect tough conversations.

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