Furry Love's Longest-Living Dog Breeds  

Madagascar's official dog, the Coton de Tulear, lives longest. (Pronounce it KO-Tone dih TOO-lay-ARE with a French accent.) Colleen Demling-Riley, a Dogtopia dog behavioris

The Chinese crested is one of the few catlike breeds due to its love of high areas. The similarities cease there. These thin canines will sit on a sofa's back but not jump on the counter like cats. This breed of cat 

These tiny and sturdy American charmers are fun and feisty, whether you choose the miniature at 13 inches or the normal at 18 inches. As one of the longest-lived dog breeds, you have plenty of time to enjoy them. 

Living with a shih tzu is about long-term affection. The shih tzu are ideal family pets. Doctor Harris says they love to be loved and give it easily. That may explain why they frequently appear on the American Kennel Club's annual list of popular dog breeds.

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Demling-Riley said the Manchester terrier is reviving after several extermination attempts. "They are high energy and driven, which means they need direction at home," adds. "Socialization is a must to ensure pups encountered 

These cute six-pound pups are full of sass, stubbornness, and confidence. Chihuahuas are low-maintenance and loyal one-person dogs. These six-pound cuties are excellent for doggie purse outings.

Demling-Riley adds "the Havanese is the person commanding the room in any party you've ever walked into," happy and kind to humans and pets. They are usually loud and happy to make fun of your buddies

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