Grab-and-go healthy fast food

A firm shell holds juicy ground beef and crisp lettuce in the fresco crunchy taco.

Taco Bell is one of the healthiest fast-food chains. Most tacos have 170-300 calories, but watch the sodium and restrict sauces.

Unlike fast-food Caesar salads, homemade ones aren't bad for you. Keeping the croutons and dressing light makes it an excellent choice. 

Lunch with fresh fruit is quick.Comfortable and low in calories, this Culver's staple is nutritious.

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With 1,190 mg of sodium, this may not be the ideal choice for salt watchers.

Make a huge batch of low-sodium chicken noodle soup at home for a tasty, salt-free soup. You may freeze portions to consume when you crave fast food.

We'll shock you if you thought McDonald's salads were the healthiest fast food.

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