Have You Been Missing Out on This Delightful Cadbury Creme Egg Stuffed Cookie Treat? 

Cadbury creme eggs, that is what we're referring to.  

We can't celebrate Easter without the irresistible chocolate candies that are a staple in every year's basket.  

But what if we suggested there was an alternative to eating the famous eggs whole? 

For an ooey-gooey, utterly delicious Easter treat, we'll be baking the famous candies into decadent chocolate cookies this season.  

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Using a brownie-based cookie dough, our new Cadbury creme egg cookie recipe stuffs traditional milk chocolate sweets. 

The middle of these cookies becomes a gooey, molten chocolate when they are baked. 

We knew we had to make our own version of the cookie after seeing Domino's UK's Cadbury Creme Egg-stuffed version appear all over social media. 

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