Here Are 31 Hearty Apps That Can Substitute Dinner 100%

 Cheesy, dippable, bite-sized appetizers might be a food group, and we think they deserve dinnertime attention. 

Mac & Cheese Pizza Bite Pizza lovers will appreciate these mac & cheese nibbles with creamy mac, pepperoni, and Parm.

The party favorite is baked in muffin molds to make a bite-sized app for game day munching.

Sausage Rolls Those who appreciate pigs in a blanket will love sausage rolls. 

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These tasty treats with juicy pork filling and fluffy golden brown pastry will become your new party favorite.

Bacon Guac Bombs Bacon + guacamole is always perfect.

We can't get enough of these snack bombs' bite-sized versions. These keto-friendly apps twist homemade guacamole into bacon for daytime nibbling or partying.

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