Horoscopes Ranked From Most Astute to Most Bewildered 

They have an innate ability to detect when anything is off with you, even if you don't. 

Virgos are essential to the existence of cancel culture.  

Every time they leave the house, they find new exposé material; they have an uncanny knack for finding breaking news.  

The greatest character judge is a Taurus since they can recognize a faker from a mile away. 

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Passive aggressiveness irritates them more than anything else, and they can tell when someone is being dishonest or has hidden agendas.  

They never rest, constantly circling in large groups while they sift among the trustworthy and the untrustworthy.  

They aren't selfish in the slightest; in fact, they will protect those they care about from anyone who is likely to hurt them. 

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