How do I calm a car-phobic dog?

Do you want to explore the world with your best buddy, but your dog becomes anxious when you approach the car? Yes, you're not alone.

Many dogs have automobile anxiety, from mild to severe.Your dog's anxiousness can be managed and prevented, thankfully.

This post will cover gradual desensitization, calming treats, and other methods to help your dog get used to the automobile and make your next road trip simpler.

Different dogs experience stress during automobile travels. Many dogs get excited just hearing "car ride" and appreciate sharing it with their humans.

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Some dogs become stressed and anxious just thinking about going in a car.The best we can do as dog parents is watch our dog's body language and nonverbal communication. 

Fear and anxiety can mirror excitement, so interpreting your dog's body language requires multiple observations.

Fearful dogs may whine when approaching a car because they fear getting in. If you approach an eager dog, they may whimper in anticipation of the fun.

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