I tried the 9 most popular Pop-Tart flavors—this is the best.

I tried to hide the box under the bag of apples on the checkout conveyor belt, but she would see it if she didn't notice.

My Pop-Tart Flavor Selection Pop-Tarts now have over 25 varieties instead of three like when I was a kid.

As my store didn't carry all 25-plus, I mostly chose “Favorites” Pop-Tarts.

Tests I Did This work was done by my little testing crew of one adult and one middle schooler. 

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We tried untoasted and toasted Pop-Tarts. Overall flavor, including sweetness, was the main judging factor.

Only if they observed something specific, I asked them to weigh look and texture.

Like every tasting test, these are subjective. So one of our losses may be your winner. 

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